WOW: Dragon Flight gets cinematics like the afterlife

WoW fans, in which the stylized cinematics in the form of war characters, after life and Co. caused enthusiasm, can be happy: there will also be such animated short films for the upcoming DragonFlight expansion. Blizzard remains true to a tradition that the developers of World of Warcraft started with Mists of Pandaria and continued through all the extensions that have been published afterwards.

fans are not surprised by the announcement, but enthusiastic

Cinematic Director Marc Messenger and Lead Cinematic Narrative Designer Terran Gregory confirmed in an interview with the Twitch streamer Desmephisto that there will also be a short film series for Dragon Flight. The developers did not yet want to reveal exactly details on how many parts the new series will have or what the individual films will rotate.

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However, we assume that the dragon aspects or the different dragon swarms will go. Since there are a total of five of them in number, we think it is likely that Blizzard Pro will publish a film per dragon aspect or swarm of dragon. The shorts may then focus on the history of aspects or their current concerns and problems.

In any case, the fans are already enthusiastic about the announcement and are looking forward to the publication of the new short films. Although the WoW players are not surprised to confirm the new short film series, the players can hardly wait for the release. You almost get the feeling when there is something that Blizzard can satisfy and inspire almost all WoW fans, then it is these animated short films. Or what do you mean? Are you looking forward to the new shorts? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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Source: Wowhead, Reddit

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