Blizzard brings with Warcraft on May 3rd

Anyone who has followed Blizzard’s strategy for years knows that the studio from sunny California not only wants to develop products for the PC and consoles, but also for mobile devices. For years you have been able to move to the battle against other players in the Hearthstone collection card game. And from June 2, 2022, this will also be possible in the Diablo Universe, because then Diablo Immortal for smartphones and the PC (with Cross Play and Cross Save) will be published. But there is still something in the pipeline. In March 2022, the developers of Blizzard livestream events announced the new Hearthstone extension , for the future of World of Warcraft ( with Dragonflight and Wotlk Classic ) and for a “Warcraft Mobile”. The first dates have passed, now only the last one is missing, and it has now become concrete.

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Warcraft Mobile on 3.5.2022 in the livestream

Shouldn’t you do anything on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at 7:00 p.m…. then you may have that now! Because then the live stream for “Warcraft Mobile” is started. The livestream is broadcast at and apparently not on common streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube – at least there is no (yet) a link.

And what kind of mobile game it is, it is not yet known. However, according to the words “The Warcraft® universe has been inspired for many years, the imagination of players worldwide – with gripping stories and stirring gameplay that form the foundation for World of Warcraft (buy now) and Hearthst1. New game for mobile devices that gives all heroes of Azeroth the opportunity to experience adventures on the go. ” The official announcement does not conclude that it is a WoW-specific game. Otherwise it would probably not be called “Warcraft game for mobile devices”, but “WoW game for mobile devices”. Now, will you look at the livestream or are you interested in the bean?

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