The Last of Us remake could bring back a beloved mode

While PlayStation and Naughty Dog still have to officially announce a new version of The last of us Game will see the return of the Facins mode. The Factions mode was an online multiplayer mode in which players could choose between fireflies and hunters, and there were several maps based on the solo campaign of the game. It was not included in the last of us part II although Naughty Dog has hinted at future plans for the mode.

The Last of Us Remake JUST LEAKED....but Do We NEED It?

The rumor of the return of the mode was shared on Twitter by Michael Huber of the Easy Allies Games website. The Huber tweet about the rumor can be encouraged below.

At this time, readers must take this with caution, considering that the new version of The last of us has not yet been confirmed. However, there have been many clues about the new version of the members of Naughty Dog, and there have been numerous rumors about the Factions mode. At one point, it seemed that the Factions mode could be launched as an independent game, but inclusion could be a strong point of sale for the last of us_ reba. Since rumors on the project began to circulate, fans have wondered if it will be launched too soon after the version of the PS4 game. The return of the Factions mode could make these fans buy The last of us for the second or third time.

With an adaptation of the last of us_ in process, a new version of the first game would make a lot of sense; I would give newcomers the perfect game to see after watching the program. The series will not be broadcast until next year and, presumably, the game will arrive at the same time. With luck, PlayStation and Naughty Dog will provide an official confirmation of the project meanwhile!

Would the Factions mode sell you a new version of The last of us? Would you like to see the return of mode? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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