Warner Bros. Games: WB Games plans to sell his top

In mid -2020, rumors were loud, the said that Warner or the parent company AT&T would like to say goodbye to the production of video games. New insights underpin speculation.

Imran Khan, well-informed ex-writer from Game Informer and currently working for the website fanbyte, oracelt (via Twitter, see below) that WB Games will soon want to separate from his most important game studios and are now for sale. A total of eleven developers are affected, including highly illustrious names such as Rocksteady, Netherrealm Studios, Avalanche Software, Monolith Productions and others.

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Any buyers would of course already be ready for this considerable selection and could then incorporate IPs like Mortal Kombat, Batman or Lego – a corresponding insert would of course be an important prerequisite here. The interested parties should include EA, Take 2, Microsoft, Sony, Tencent and the PUBG Corporation. The Embracer Group, which currently buys everything that is not on the trees, surprisingly lacks this list.

Of course, Warner has not yet commented on the assumptions – until there is an official statement, time will surely still go into the country. Nevertheless, the sale of the division of the game would be a big deal, most of the studios that are supposed to be for sale have delivered a few real pearls in the past. A platform -exclusive Mortal Kombat, a Lego: The Mandalorian or No One Lives Forever 3 would massively upgrade the portfolio of every bidder. How do you feel about the current sales rumors about the Warner game division?

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