Interactive Paradox is filled in the first trimester 2022

After a 2021 in high decline which has marked the end of the growth on which interactive paradox has been surfing for years, the Swedish publisher goes on better bases in 2022. Better cost control consecutive to the cancellation of a certain number of projects last year.

With a turnover and an operational benefit respective 31% and 125%, Paradox Interactive has something to be satisfied with its first quarter 2022, especially since its cash reserves are also up (69.1 million D ‘euros against 64.6 million euros three months earlier). Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings III, Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV and Stellaris are the main contributors to the quarter. In addition to obtaining its first paid extension, royal Court, Crusader Kings III was released on PS5 and Xbox Series on March 29, just after having crossed the 2 million copies sold on PC. At the start of the year, Paradox Interactive also released paid content Airports for Cities: Skylines and Perfect Storm for Prison Architect.

Interactive paradox results

Period Turnover Operational benefit Net profit
January 2021 – March 2021 35.1 million euros 9 million euros 7.4 million euros
January 2022 – March 2022 45.8 million euros 20 million euros 16.2 million euros

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The first months of the year were characterized by the deepening of our important strategy and management games with outings that are both small and large. At the same time, we have been able to expand our portfolio of Strategy games with the console port of Crusader Kings III console, which allows us to reach a new audience in the genre of the great strategy. Trime outings and good management of costs result in the highest benefit that we We have never achieved in a single quarter. This testifies to the strength of our activity and the fact that the changes we make bear fruit. The result shows that we are on the right track, even if the whole organization is Convinced that we can do even better in the long term, “said CEO Fredrik Wester.

You will note the welcome absence of triumphalism: to return to these healthy bases, Paradox Interactive had to separate from its CEO, cancel several games developed by external studios and has still not managed to enter the field of ‘Action -RPG with Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, passed close to the pure and simple cancellation but ultimately recovered by a new unidentified studio. Management has also decided to focus on its core business, the strategy.

Let us add that Paradox Interactive recently confirmed the organization of its annual meeting PDXCON 2022, which will return on September 2 and 3 as a face-to-face event to Stockholm for only 500 elected officials. Next major strategy game of the group, Victoria 3 will be one of the essential attractions of this year.

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