Rainbow Six Siege Mobile: How to get Early Access

Rainbow Six Siege has been a popular game since its publication in 2015. So popular that it receives a mobile version and now want to access the players. The game is far from ready for the public. In fact, it has just entered a closed access alpha. Depending on the development time still required, we may see a publication this year, but players want to have access to Rainbow Six Siege Mobile as soon as possible. What could be nicer than playing your favorite operator while you are traveling in your daily life? Let’s take a look at how to get access to Rainbow Six Siege Mobile.

How to get access to Rainbow Six Siege Mobile

You cannot currently register Mobile in any App Store for Rainbow Six Siege to get access. To get access, you have to register on the official Ubisoft website. Of course, it can take a while for you to get access because the game currently has a limited closed alpha. But it doesn’t hurt to register and get in at some point in the future. Just like you can do it for Valorant Mobile Beta.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile tries to be as close as possible to the main version of the game. Of course, it will not be possible that an exact replica of Rainbow Six victories will run on your cell phone, but you seem to do great work to do it as close as possible. From the content shown to the public, we can see that many of the operators contained in the main version of the game will contain the publication in the mobile version.

The operators seem to be dressed differently than in the main version of the game, but at first glance they can still see which operator is. This can of course change, of course, since the game is still in development and we have to pay close attention to the other functions the cell phone game will have. If you need further help for Rainbow Six Siege Mobile, be sure to read our other instructions.

Rainbow Six Siege-Mobil will be available for iOS and Android after its publication

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