Pokemon Go: The best articles that are worth buying with poocecoins

Pokecoins are the game currency in Pokémon Go . You can earn them for free or buy them with real money. Regardless of this, they are useful in many different ways. Since collecting many poocecoins can be time -consuming or simply expensive, here are the best articles that you can buy in Pokemon Go with your poocecoins.

How to get poocecoins

The only free method to get poocecoins is through gyms. Every ten minutes you are in a gym and fight with your Pokémon, you get poocecoins, which means you will receive six in an hour. These will be rewarded as soon as your Pokemon KO is beaten. In addition, you can only get 50 poocecoins per day of gyms.

The other way to get poocecoins is over to buy with real money . As with almost all free-to-play games, there is a way to buy the currency and get the best equipment. 100 Pokecoins cost $ 0.99, 550 poocecoins cost $ 4.99 and so on, the more poocecoins you get, the better the offer.

the best ways to issue poocecoins

Now that you know how to get poocecoins in Pokemon Go, you definitely want to know how to best spend them. The first object that you definitely want to snap is the event boxing . These boxes are always worth a Pokecoin and reward you with tons of great items. The Event Box is of course only available during special events, but usually contains things like Max Poations, Poke Balls and Remote Raid Passes.

The second and third articles that you want to buy as soon as possible are the article bag and the Pokemon storage . Both items cost 200 poocecoins, but they are worth it. The item BAG increases the number of objects you can wear permanently to 50 and the Pokémon warehouse permanently increases the maximum number of Pokémon that you can save.


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What you want Purchase are Pokeballs or incubators. You will receive free Pokeballs of rotating Pokestops and by completing field research. If you don’t hatch several eggs every day, you only need one or two incubators.

The last item that is worth your poocoins is community-day boxes . These boxes are only available during the Community Days and, like the event boxes, offer many great articles at an affordable price. Every community-day box is different, so make sure you know what you buy, but you usually pay about 975 poocecoins for several items such as lucky eggs, super-incubators, elite fast TM, Star Pieces and more. If you are curious about upcoming events or something else, take a look at our Pokemon Go guidelines.

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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