360Hz is half price! MSI, Auction

MSI Korea (CEO Public Book) will participate in the “Big Smile Day” event held in famous Korean open markets, auctions and G Market. The Big Smile Day event, which will be the largest shopping exhibition in May, will be held at Auction and G Market from May 16 to 27, 2022, and offers 15% selection coupons and 5% card discounts.

MSI plans to further shine the festival in May by applying additional discounts to some products in addition to the default benefits of shopping malls. Representatives include NVIDIA G-Sync, 360Hz refresh rate, gaming monitor that supports 1MS GTG response speed, MSI Oculus NXG253R. MSI Oculus NXG253R, which has been sold for more than 900,000 won since its launch, will be sold at a price of 499,490 won, adding to the discount benefits and additional discounts of MSI.

Compared to the existing gaming monitor products, the excellent color reproduction rate of the Rapid IPS panel, the wide viewing angle, and the tightly G -Sync from 1Hz to 360Hz provide the screen disconnection or the best game environment without unnatural.

NXG253R - 360Hz eSports Beast | Gaming Monitor | MSI
In addition, ‘MSI Optics G32C4’, which can enjoy the pleasure of 32 -inch large screen at the cost of ‘MSI Optics G271’, which is the largest sales volume in MSI in 2022, and the 32 -inch IPS gaming monitor, ‘MSI Optics MAG321QR ‘, 34 -inch Ultra -Wide Gaming Monitor market,’ MSI Optics MAG342CQR ‘and’ MSI Optics MPG341QR ‘products for rational consumption, from products for gamers to products with high -end specifications. It was included in.

On the other hand, MSI delivered the news to present additional Starbucks Americano gift certificates when writing the new world gift certificate and photot review according to the event. Additional information on the MSI monitor can be found on the MSI Korea website, MSI Korea official Facebook, and MSI Korea official Instagram.

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