Geese Howard, Billy Kane et Ryûji Yamazaki arriveront au casting de The King of Fighters XV le 17 mai

Second team of the first team pass by The King of Fighters XV, the “South Town” team made up of Geese Howard, Billy Kane and Ryûji Yamazaki will soon be a place on the title selection screen. The three lads have just been announced for May 17.

Appearing among the most charismatic characters of licenses Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters , the trio of thugs made up of the boss Geese Howard, his right arm Billy Kane and the Yakuza Ryûji Yamazaki was particularly expected Players of The King of Fighters XV . They will therefore not have to wait any longer since the DLC “South Town” will be available next Tuesday, May 17. As usual, each of these three fighters can present themselves in the arena with its basic costume or an alternative version. The arrival of these three bad Boys succeeds that of the trio composed by Rock Howard, Gato and B-Jenet, as well as to Omega Rugal, and will close the first Team Pass.

To this addition will add up that of new musical tracks in the “DJ Station” mode. The owners of the game will thus be able to find the compositions of The King of Fighters Neowave, a minor and unloved from the franchise, originally, originally released on Arcade in 2004 then focused on PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Other songs will still be added to this mode afterwards.

Yakuza Ryûji video

Team Southtown Billy, Yamazaki & Geese - King of Fighters XV reaction - May 17 release

The King of Fighters XV – Trailer Team South Town (DLC)

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