World Flipper, 4 new characters and Waste Dragon of Widow Update

Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye -hyun) is a new mobile action RPG ‘World Flipper’, jointly developed by Saigats (CEO Watanabe Koichi) and Sai Games, a subsidiary of Sai Games. He added.

The characters that appeared this time are two five -star characters and two four -star characters, including ‘★ 5 [Patma’s Saint All Verre]’, and Kakao Games will hold a ‘pick -up event’ where the characters appear by 26th until the 26th..

First, ‘★ 5 [Partma’s Saint All Ver] is a saint from Farland, who is punished to her closest enemy to damage light property damage. In addition, ‘★ 5 [Light Leader Pilameria] is a labyrinth guide, restoring the stamina of all true electronics with the light of her lamp.

In addition, ‘★ 4 [Breaking Alchemist Bryce]’, which throws poison in front of the enemy around the enemy around, rushes towards the nearest enemy and attacks in a row and inflicts damage damage. ] ‘This appears together.

At the same time, it will open the Ganglim Wang Ryong of the Advancement Alliance until the 26th. Users can obtain limited equipment and various growth goods by using the boss coin, which is obtained and obtained, which appears for the limited time.

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Meanwhile, details on the new character and content updates of ‘World Flipper’ can be found on the brand page and the official community.

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