Cy Games Korea, Shadow Bus 24th Edge of Paradise

Cy Games Korea (CEO Watanabe Koichi) announced on the 20th that it will update various contents such as the 24th Card Pack ‘Edge of Paradise / Heaven Paradise’ on the online CCG ‘Shadow Bus’.

There are 17 additional cards of the 24th “Edge of Paradise / Heavenly Paradise”, including Changsoo Yug Drasil of Life, Black and White Nanwar and Blanc, and Shield Zion of Yeongwon Mu Palace.

In particular, the Nemesis Class’s “Divine Artifact” was released for the first time in the world through the official Korea Cafe, attracting attention.

Shadowverse: Edge of Paradise

In addition, Rooney, the leader of the 5th anniversary of the popularity voting, was added, and the new main story celestial inn, which consists of 13 chapters, appeared, with Dragon Class Mizuschi and Tsurong.

In commemoration of this, it will present three 24 heavenly paradise card pack tickets for users who have cleared up to 13 celestial inns until June 6th. At the same time, we will complete the tutorial and provide five card pack tickets for players who are connected to the game.

In addition, by 29th, you can buy a campaign target ‘Edge of Paradise / Heaven Paradise’, ‘Edge of Paradise / Heavenly Paradise’ card packs for free.

In addition, you can find treasure chests in the rotation and Unlimited Daejeon until the 30th, and if you win the war with a treasure chest, you will be rewarded with rupees, card pack tickets, and gold rare cards.

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