Genshin Impact: the change of the next update that will help us improve the characters

The update 2.7 of Genshin Impact is finally about to reach the game. After the initial delay, Hoyover has announced the new version for May 31. A launch in which the game will receive multiple news. Of course, the most prominent are related to the arrival of Yelan , Kuki Shinobu or the new events. However, there is a very grateful feature that will greatly help players to equip their favorite characters without having to be constantly looking for guides.

NEW CHARACTER Shikanoin Heizou | Genshin Impact

An aid for Genshin Impact ‘s most casual players

The addition was mentioned during the last moments of the live broadcast corresponding to the next update and consists of the introduction of two help buttons in the characters menu. The first will be shown in the talents and its function will be to indicate What skills we should prioritize when leveling of level . Something very similar will happen in the display of artifacts . In this case, in each of the five slots we will be suggested what are the best main statistics that our items must have.

This addition will take as a reference the most popular options among the community. It is true that it is not necessarily the best indicator. However, assures us in all cases that our choice is one of the most competitive . It may not be the help that players who dedicate countless hours, but those who play in a more casual way or are not aware of what is the most effective way to face the fighting. Genshin Impact is a game with a very varied audience, and in this way we will save the work of looking for too many guides from the characters.

Also as it helps less experienced players, a strategic recommendation will be added to each of the domains . It will be a simple and fast suggestion that will allow us to adapt to the strategy based on the altered conditions of each battlefield. The idea is the same again, bringing the tasks reserved for the most exquisite players to a general public without forcing us to study the detailed functioning of Genshin Impact. An addition that happened unfairly unnoticed and that will be very important for a large part of the community.

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