Damwon Kia, Bag Mobile PMPS 2022 Final Spring

Craftton has successfully completed the Battleground Mobile Pro Series 2022 Finals Spring.

The PMPS 2022 Final Spring is the last competition of the first half of the league of PMPS 2022, which covers the strongest team among the Battleground Mobile Domestic Professional Teams, and the total prize money of 100 million won and international competition for four days from 19th to 22nd. INVITITIONAL, PMWI) “

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The 16 teams who participated in the PMPS 2022 Season 1 and Season 2 participated in the same, and the DWG KIA (Damwon Kia) achieved a total of 4 chicken and 239 points and PMPS 2022 Finals. Spring won the final championship.

The winning team DWG KIA earned 148 cumulative ranking points and showed stable game operation throughout the competition. DWG KIA stayed in fourth place in Season 2, leaving unfortunate results, but with overwhelming skills, he recovered the honor of the winning team and became a champion of the PMPS 2022 Final Spring.

The second -placed DSGaming (DS Gaming) recorded 20 kills in the fourth match on the last day of the tournament, closely chasing the DWG KIA with a 19 -point difference, but failed to reverse the reversal because it could not narrow the point gap in the final fifth match. However, the team won the team’s winning team with a total of 118 points, with a total of 118 points.

The MVP of the tournament was won by Quiet Violence TIZ1, which scored 44 kill points, and DSGaming’s Sayden, which recorded seven headshots, won the head shooter award.

DWG KIA, the winning team, was eligible to compete as a representative of Korea at PMWI, which is scheduled to be held this year. In addition, the top eight teams of the PMPS 2022 Final Spring, along with the top eight teams of the Japanese league ‘Pubg Mobile Japan League’ Season 2 Phase 1, will be held on the 25th and 26th of next month, ‘Pub Mobile Showdown 2022 (Pub Mobile Showdown 2022 Pubg Mobile Showdown 2022) ‘

From July, the league will be held in the second half of the PMPS 2022. In the second half of the year, the league will consist of two seasons and final competitions in the first half of the league, and 16 teams will participate in the prize money and international competition.

Craft Tone will also hold prizes for Battleground mobile fans who have been enthusiastic and supported online. Among the participants who participated in the note test event held for each match, the Galaxy S22 Ultra (1 person), Level 3 Backpack (3), Bagg Logo Man to Man (5), Pro Team Sign Sticker Photo (16) Will be presented. In addition, WINNENCON, which was provided through the Winnotcoin Event during the competition, can be exchanged for in -game items by the 19th of next month.

For more information on Battleground Mobile esports, including PMPS 2022, visit the Battleground Mobile esports homepage.

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