GENSHIN IMPACT: Free protogemos codes of May 20 to celebrate update 2.7

genshin impact players are in luck double. Hoyover has carried out the presentation of news of the update 2.7 that will arrive on May 31. A live presentation in which the usual code distribution that is made with each new patch has not been missing. Free rewards with protogems , Mora and different ** Spanish Peninsula (CEST).


Codes with free protogemas of May 20

In total, three codes have been distributed that will allow us to achieve 300 protogemas , in addition to the improvement materials to which we are accustomed. It should be noted that the rewards are obtained immediately in the game of the game, without being linked in any way to the arrival of the next update. In this way, they can be used if we want to save for YELAN and Xiao Shinobu as a star secondary or continue pushing to obtain Kamisato Ayaka **.

The available codes are the following:

LANVJSFUD6CM *: 100 protogems and 10 mystical refinement minerals
Dtnuktwcc6d9 : 100 protogems and 5 hero mills
HSNUKTXCCPWV : 100 protogems and 50,000 default

Thus the codes are redeem in genshin impact

The codes are available for all players who have reached the adventure range 10 . In response to the requirements are so low, we will review what the steps are to exchange a code.

Through the Web

  1. Go to the official page exchange page
  2. Select server and enter our data
  3. Enter the code
  4. Gather it in the game of the game

Through the game

  1. In the option menu we select the settings tab,
  2. We go to the account section
  3. We access the Sub -section of Code Exchange
  4. We introduce and collect rewards

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