[For adults] Royal road fantasy RPG “Knights of Messiah -Truth Answer ~” Steam version release

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Kagura Games has released a fantasy RPG for adults Knights of Messiah-Truth Answer ~ ” for PC (Steam).

This work is the royal road JRPG set in the fantasy world designated by adults. It was released in DLsite (18 prohibited links) in 2019. The first power “Grace” second powers “Lubel” Third forces “Barfala” The fourth forces “Liberal Country Moduna” are the most common worlds of the Moduna Kingdom and the princess of the princess. Alicia stands up with the Knight Manager Seris to protect his country from the Imperial Barfala. The battle is a turn-based combat, and we will level up and learn new skills. It also seems to have a multi-ending system.

Features of games

  • Fantasy roll playing game
    Fight powerful enemies with level up and complete equipment!

  • Hand-drawn art
    Battle scenes are hand-drawn art

Knights Of Messiah - Gameplay PC [KAGURA GAMES]
* Explore the vast world
Let’s unlock the quest again in various lands through the main quest!

The royal road RPG for adults, “Knights of Messiah-Answer of Truth-” for adults where beautiful girls struggle in the fantasy world, are on sale in Japanese for PC (Steam).

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