In the Russian -speaking Archeage, new personal trials on all servers began

In the Russian-speaking version of MMORPG Archeage, the third stage of development began on the IFNIR server, in which the hidden valley, new levels of equipment, book gumble, tasks of the last line and battles beyond the territory of the original continent became available. In honor of such an important event, announced the beginning of new personal trials for players on all servers. Below you can find them.

Testing Awards
15 times to complete the tasks Hunting for large game or children of alder The design of the armor of the red demonathed concentrated essence X50raman recovery scroll x5
5 times complete the task Stock monster A chest with the weapon of the Ernardasunduk library with the Efaine spheres and cubes of the X2 Switches of the Delphic Library X5
5 times earn at least 400 points in the last line Almost free bicmat essence x100-nosed kirka x5
15 times to complete the task Hour of the Padalmers Additional bag of the X5Irami fortune-tier rune x2-to-stand diligent artisan x5

All of the above tests will be available until July 14, 2022. If the player manages to cope with all of them, then he will receive the title of 6 rank Drum as a reward, which increases damage to the skills when battle with monsters by 1.5%.

The event of the Padalmers Hour was also launched, which will allow players to bring their guild to the leaders in the server rating and get pleasant bonuses for this. Those who wish can read more about this in a message from the developers.

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