Subpoits, occultism, pain: Reto Marketing Countdown to Marketing games

Return Digital yesterday closed the video journey with its Marketing Countdown to Marketing , its traditional showcase of the middle of the year; Something like a postmodern chirigota in which, this time with Suda51 as a special presenter and guest, they showed some of their next games.

The twenty-five minutes that the presentation lasted do not give much, but it does not seem to put many games. On the contrary, in front of the dozens of games of other events there were only four, three of them for next year. We go in parts.

Cult of the Lamb // August 11

Massive Monster’s roguelike announced its launch for August 11, both on PC and consoles.

The new trailer is a good review of what is proposed in this game: as the titular lamb, you must extend your word and manage the group of followers that expand your town and participate in the dark rituals that try to appease the anger of the gods. Managing the people is just a part of the game: when you go from there, the thing changes and plays to defend the word to swords, axes or whatever arises. Procedural levels, bosses that seem hard but made with good taste… You know.

ANGER FOOT // 2023

Originally created for the veteran Game Jam 7DFPS, Anger Foot is the new Free Lives, Brows or Genital Jousting. The thing goes from kicking doors; Also of hitting enemies, treading bugs and hitting shots while facing Shit City, the decadent city in which the game is set.

The JAM version can be downloaded on, by the way. No date; It will come out in 2023.

The Plucky Squire // 2023

Developed by there Futures, The Plucky Squire tells the story of a story character who discovers, by chance, the way to get the book in which he lives.

The jump to the real world includes a jump at 3D that allows you to explore a gigantic room, and who knows how much more. In the trailer there are a few charming truquis (exploring the cup or the spatial shoter on the surface of a boat, for example) that give good vibrations. No date; We only know that it will come out in 2023.

Skate Story // 2023

The great winner of the event was surely this Skate Story , a shocking adventure in skateboarding starring a demon made of glass and pain that must travel the underworld skating.

Visually it is portentous, as you surely know if you have followed the development on Twitter: its responsible, Sam Eng, has been uploading videos and gifs of those who make you curious and desire genuine to know what is behind. It does not strange, come on, to return also would like to put the glove.

There is no date, again, and it is not expected for this year, but for 2023. We will dream of him daily.

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