The devil attacks in the Three Kingdoms era? Team Ninjas new work Waryong released

Team Ninja presented a new concept of a unique concept of the combination of dark fantasy and the Three Kingdoms. ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’ is the main character.

Team Ninja, famous for the Inwang developer, unveiled its new work, ‘Waryong: Pauln Dynasty’, through the Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase 2022. Waryong, a dark fantasy action game set in the background of the Three Kingdoms era, is depicting what happens when the chaotic words of the war and the unidentified demons start attacking people.

The player plays an unnamed people who conquer the devil in a chaotic situation. As the war is in the era of war, he is also encountered with famous longevity of the Three Kingdoms era, such as Guan Yu, equipment, and follicles, and in some cases duel with them. As the longevity of the time appears, the brilliant Chinese martial arts appear, and in the video, the graphics can also check the scenes of the characters.

Waryong will be released on Xbox and PCs for the first half of 2023. In addition, it will be added to the game pass at the same time.

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