Skyrim grandparents want to play the Elder Scrolls VI soon

During the more than 10 years that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been present in the industry, many communities have formed around this online medieval game. And as much, one of the most beloved personalities within the title is Shirley Curry, who is better known as grandmother Skyrim, and that has remained playing for a long time.

This fame has taken Mrs. Curry so far, that she even went to Pax East 2022 To solve some questions about Bethesda games . That is where a fan asked him what she would say to Todd Howard if she had the opportunity. Revealing that she would ask Howard** to hurry and end, game that has not had news since years ago.

She even emphasized the prayer of I want to play it before dying . Answer that she stepped on the hearts of fans, since the age of Shirley is clearly already advanced. On the other hand, the game could take a couple of more years to be completed, since the equipment of Bethesda are currently working on large releases such as Starfield.

It is worth noting that Mrs. Curry has become a friend of the community leaders of Bethesda, this is reflected in the details that said company sends him from time to time. This includes figures Funko of his favorite characters of Skyrim , Flores and the promise that there will be a NPC with her appearance in the next The Elder Scrolls .

For now we are waiting for the company’s other games to go to the market.

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