Bloomberg: miners bought video cards for $ 15 billion in 2021

Mining cryptocurrencies gradually dies, and therefore a huge number of video cards poured into the secondary market. At the moment, on Avito and similar resources you can find any models of video cards, and even at fairly pleasant prices. Some of them are after mining, some are completely new, and therefore, if you look, you can find something worthwhile for yourself.


Colleagues from Bloomberg report that miners spent $ 15 billion to purchase video cards in 2021, when Bitcoin and Air rose to their historical maximums. At the given moment, the prices of these currencies have already sank several times and continue to fall.

The appearance of a large number of video cards in the secondary market also means that in the near future prices will continue to decline, and therefore it will be easier to buy them. Also, after a few months, releases of new video cards from NVIDIA and AMD are expected, which should also push the prices for the current generation to further fall.

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