Nintendo announces a Direct about Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but without news from other games

The rumor was incessant and today the official announcement has occurred. Nintendo will issue a new Direct , its video-conferences on the novelties for Nintendo Switch. Of course, it will not be the traditional summer event about all the releases that await us from here at the end of the year, but will follow the wake of the last State of Play of PlayStation in which we are only told about a single game.

And this game will be none other than Xenoblade Chronicles 3 . This is one of the most powerful releases of this summer, with departure date for July 29, 2022, in a little over a month. It will be on June 22, on Wednesday, when it is broadcast at 4:00 p.m. which has been baptized as Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct.

A Direct of one of the games of the year

As Nintendo herself has confirmed in her press release to media, as well as in her recent messages on social networks, this Direct will last 20 minutes and bring information about this role and adventure game that will soon arrive at Nintendo Switch. The event can be followed on the Nintendo Direct website and on the Nintendo Spain YouTube channel.

will be 20 minutes long


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the third installment of these Open World RPG of Monolith Soft . On the official page of the game in the Nintendo store, the following is told:Six soldiers, from both nations, will combine strength to unravel the true reason for the conflict and will go to Fendespada, a land gripped by a giant sword. _

At the gameplay level, it will be a real-time action game, with a lot of skills that differentiate each of the characters. And one of the star mechanics is called Uróboro : If certain conditions are met during combat, each of the couples formed by Noah and mine, Lanz and Sena, and Eunie and Taion can be combined and adopted a gigantic form with own techniques.

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