Up to 75% summer discount events in Neowiz and Steam

-Neowiz PC game 8 types, up to 75% discounts can be purchased

-Sunse for 2 weeks until July 8th


Neowiz announced today (24th) that eight kinds of games in service will hold a summer discount event in the global online game distribution platform.

Neowiz offers seven Neowiz games, including Skull, Sannabi, and Blade Assault, and DJ Max Respect V DLC at a discount of up to 75%. The discount will be held for two weeks until July 8.

The 2D Action Platformer Game and the 2D Quarter View Action Game are equipped with a large discount of 75%, and and can also be purchased at a 70% discount. In addition, 52% of Unsoursind, Blade Assault and Skulls can be purchased at 50% and 35%, respectively, and DJ Max Respect V’s DLC series is 70% off.

In particular, , which was released on the early 21st access version, can be purchased at a 10% discount rate.

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