Shadow Bus, the 25th Roar of Shinryong

Cy Games Korea (CEO Watanabe Koichi) announced on the 29th that it has launched the 25th Card Pack ‘Roar of the Godwyrm / Shinryong’ in its online CCG ‘Shadow Bus’.

The new card pack ‘Roar of the Godwyrm / Sirryong’s roar’ has released 97 new cards, including Ultimate Bahamut and Red Blood Queen. In particular, ‘Infinite Flame Dragon’, ‘Shining Valkyrie’, and ‘Legend Sword Commander’, which were active in the TV animation ‘Shadow Bus’, are expected to respond.

In addition, ‘Salvation of Salvation Dark’ and ‘Hanging Male Rope’, which includes leader skin, have been added, and special illustration cards ‘Elegant Jang Song Caron’ and ‘Captain of the Captain of Shin Cheol’ can be found.

In addition, in the final match of ‘Shadow Bus Korea Open 2022 Season 2’ final on the 18th, the neutral class ‘metatron’ is also released in Korea’s official cafe, and Bishop Class’s ‘Rainbow Magic Priests’ on the 26th will be released on the 26th. Raising.

In addition, the Rotation Select Pack was sold after the launch of the 25th Card Pack, Roar of the Godwyrm / Serry Roar. ‘Rotation Select Pack’ is a card pack that only appears in the selected class and neutral class rotation card.

In addition, in commemoration of the 25th Card Pack update, all users who have connected to the event period will present 10 Roar of the Godwyrm / Roar of Shinryong card pack tickets. In addition, a limited login bonus event will be held by July 28, and a total of eight card pack tickets will be paid if you log in on the 8th.


For more information about ‘Shadow Bus’, please visit the official cafe.

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