Paul Guys caught by crossplay

There is a game here. All kinds of complicated concepts, gimmicks, and eyes are missing, and you can only grasp the text that you can only understand the text, and focus on the original fun of the game of operation and consequences, and at the same time, it is not buried with such an indie game. Successful game. It is ‘Paul Guys’.

It was popular since the game was first released. There was no depth in the game, but it was easy to get used to it and it was simple and fun. For the next two years, Paul Guys has run a total of six seasons and has maintained a unique position as a party game, not a game to focus on. And at the end of last year, the developer ‘Media Tonic’ was acquired by Epic Games, and six months later, the game freezing has been in progress.

As a result, the last six seasons remained in the legacy season, and the newly launched ‘We all free play’ has become the new first season. This season, like last season, new costumes and game modes have been added, but that’s not the biggest change.

At the end of February, Paul Guys began to support cross play between PCs and PS. Previously, each of the two platforms was enjoying each other, but from then on, even if you enjoyed the game on different platforms, you could play party without any problems. And on June 21, Xbox and Nintendo Switch participated in this ranks as the game was free. Now, the ** switch, Xbox, PS, and PC users all gather together to play together in one room. If the monitor is enough.

The question here is how smooth it is when you actually play the game. If you have a problem with the platform, or if you are often broken during the connection, you can do it honestly. So I decided to play three kinds of consoles and PCs to play the actual game.

Gameplay feels very smooth. In the case of PCs and PS, there is no difference in 1 as it was played for a while. It feels the same as playing the Xbox pad on the PC. Since fine control is an important game, the pad vibration is not many in the game, but it supports vibration in situations that are not very important such as countdown.

However, the Nintendo Switch was not comfortable with other platforms because of the hardware limit of the device. However, because of the inevitable limitations of the operation system and the performance of the hardware, it was not inconvenient to actually play the game. During the actual play, the person who played with the Nintendo switch recorded the highest performance, proving that the master did not blame the tool.

The newly added game mode this season is seven kinds of hexagonal ring, volleyball, speed circuit, attack tracks, chubby party, bingbing stone, and blast balls. Like all the previous Paul Guys, it’s not as difficult as you can see, but it has the viciousness that sends it over the moment as soon as you are in mind.

In addition, with the start of this season, the Paul Guys has changed in many ways. And all of these changes have the same direction as ‘party game’ identity.

First, the voice chat in the party is supported. Even other consoles become voice chat . In addition, the minimum number of ‘custom shows’ that can be played by acquaintances are reduced, and most of them are now available. When you make coffee after meals, you have a higher level of game than rock-paper-scissors.

And there is a ‘auto catch’ feature. Usually you had to climb a high jaw or you had to click the catch button, but now you can turn on the automatic catching feature in the option to overcome the terrain more easily. It is a feature that helps anyone who plays the game for the first time in a lifetime to complete the course without difficulty.


As a result, this update has become a ‘party game’ that can embrace more people. You can play comfortably on any platform, and if you have an account interlocking, you will be able to play easily, so you can play it easily. Beyond the previous evaluation, which was a well-made game, it became a good way to play.

From the beginning, ‘Paul Guys’ was unfortunate, but it was not fun. It’s not fun to play the game where the jelly beans come out and continue the slapstick all the time. However, it is now beyond this and has caught the ‘angle’ as a full-fledged multiplayer party game. And it’s a game where you can catch all the core gamers who want to play the game with someone who rarely plays the game.

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