Who to give the Lucky Core Crystal in Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

Exploring the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you will find informants from whom you can purchase information. This information is usually quite vague, but the purchase of specific information leads to unlocking some rare nucleus crystals. Lucky Core Crystal can be found in this way, but as soon as it is found, which driver will you give it to Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

Who is the best driver for Cassandra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

The best driver for Cassandra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the fourth member of the group, Morag followed by zik . Although, depending on other blades that you have. Cassandra is not the best Blade, and her place in your team will be short-lived, as it is easy to replace.

Cassandra-the dark tank Shield Hammer. , so ideally Morag is an ideal user for her. But it is difficult to replace her trio of blades, brigid , Egeon and if you have DLC Expansion Pass, Corvin . If you do not, Cassandra will be a worthy third member until you get theory . As a plus of Cassandra, Morag will give access to to launch art that will help create an art combination with the rest of the group.

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As for Zika, you ultimately do not need a tank blade at the DPS clean class. But if Morag/Torah will do their job correctly, there will be no agro on Zika. Cassandra will be a good rare blade on ZIK, if you have no others, since rare blades are always better than usual. The only other reason to put the cassandra on Zika is that its bad luck is ideally combined with the bad luck. This is an alliance enclosed in heaven, since they both fall into hell.

In the end, give it to anyone ( except Rex ), since soon you will get access to more perfect Blades. Cassandra is a good blade if you have nothing better.

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