First Mortal Kombat Legends Trailer: Snow Blind

The Mortal Kombat franchise always looks for ways to expand, this through alternate works such as comics vignettes, crossovers with other brands such as with DC and more recently with films. But it seems that the end of the characters’s adventures has no end, since the first advance of his next 2D animation work has been revealed.

In the Snow Brind video we can see the main characters of this installment, demonstrating their martial arts as it could not be otherwise regarding the acclaimed fight franchise. Everything culminates with the appearance of the mythical Sub-Zero , who apparently will have a fairly important role, although he is not the protagonist of the story.

Here you can see it:

This is the synopsis of the movies:

The story of Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow armor puts us on the feet of Kenshi, who has lost his self-confidence after losing his vision because of an attack by Kano and his clan. In this way, Kenshi is forced to train his techniques with the help of Kuai Liang, who considers him the only fighter powerful enough to disrupt Kano’s plans.

The premiere of this film would be next October 8 in digital and physical through Blu Ray.

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