Horror games supervised by Gatchman Gatchman August 17 It will be distributed around noon. Clock Tower slasher horror

Gatchman Gatchman in Japan announced on August 14 that it will release Funeral Examination on August 17. The compatible platform is iOS/Android, and the regular price is 490 yen. It is said that the specific time will be distributed around noon. This information was announced in the broadcast Gatchman Supervised Horror Game Funeral Examination.

Funeral Examination is a slasher horror game supervised by Gatchman, a game commentator who is active in horror games. The stage of this work is an eerie waste hospital. The main character Akari is a junior high school girl. She had her two-year-old brother Hiroki in Akari. At one point, something happened to Hiroki, and when Akari searched for her brother and got lost in the abandoned hospital, a doctor with Nata wandered in the hospital. Her protagonist Akari aims to escape her while searching for her older brother and exploring her abandoned hospital.

She is a weak junior high school girl, so she cannot fight the creepy wandering around the hospital. Akali seems to be searching for the hospital while hiding her enemies, such as her shadow and the toilet. However, she says that she is in danger that she hides in the same place many times in this work. There may be absolute safe places in the eerie abandon hospital. In addition, this work has a chapter limit time limit for each chapter. The time limit is displayed, so the gameplay may be nervous.

In addition to the enemies that follow, there are multiple enemies. It seems that this work has an unreasonable death, but there is a way to avoid it, and it is a kind design for the whole game, such as being able to start over just before death. Play time is about 1 hour to 2 hours. Some endings are also available. In addition, it is said that the escape edition will be distributed this time, and a free update (expansion) is scheduled in the future. Gatchman also explains it is a Clock Tower game. In this work, systems and fear experiences like the same series may be waiting.

Gatchman is a domestic game commentator who started his activities around 2009 and posted a live game, mainly horror games. In recent years, he has been active as a Gatchman V using 3D avatars, and has been expanding his activities. In this work Funeral Examination, Gatchman is involved in production as supervision.

In addition to Gatchman, in addition to Gatchman, Mr. Yoshida (cat wearing boots), Mogeratta, and Direction for the concept, Hori P. According to the comments in the broadcast, Gatchman said, Let’s make a game about two years ago, and participated in the game development because nothing was decided. Initially, it was scheduled to be released in about three months, but as a result of prolonged production, it seems that two years of development has been continued.

It is said that Gatchman is involved in the production (deeply), and there are many parts that have been brushed up by Gatchman’s ideas, such as unreasonable death and specifications for hiding. In addition, this work is based on the request that many Gatchman wants to enjoy, and it is developed with the aim of being able to play widely other than horror games.

Funeral examination will be distributed for iOS/Android on August 17. The price is 490 yen. The specific distribution time is scheduled to be distributed around noon.

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