Xenoblade Chronicles 3: The best tips & tricks

In TIPSGUIDE to Xenoblade Chronicles 3 You can find out:

  • How you change the character
  • Important tips on colonies and missions
  • What brings about changing the time of day
  • How you unlock all special techniques

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 offers tons of content. In the first hours of play you struggle through a bunch of tutorials that focus primarily on the menu navigation and control of your character. Many things that you should know are only torn out superficially or only explained later. We have summarized the most important information here.

Change of character and roles

In Chapter 1, your group still consists of three characters: Noah, Lanz and Eunie. After you have fought through the first chapter, you will get to know the main characters Mio, Taion and Sena. Each main character has a different class, which is characterized by its own advantages and disadvantages.

Each class is assigned one of three categories that are also referred to as rolls :

Defender: hold the aggro of the opponents and minimize incoming damage.
attacker: * add the greatest damage within the group.
Healer: * Heal the wounds of their companions and can even revive them.

How do I change the character?

From the second chapter you can change your main character at any time by pressing ZL+R or ZL+L . The change of character even works in combat and is an important tactical tool that you shouldn’t underestimate.

Use a tactical change of character to re-position your group. This means that opponents can be better grouped or group members can be taken out of danger zones. The AI is not flawless and it can happen that your defender does not hold every aggro or that your healer heals too little. In this case, a quick change of character is recommended to correct the error.

What happens if the group dies?

The further you progress, the more difficult the fights **. Exploring the open game world is not entirely harmless either. Casual procedure can quickly cost you life.

If your main character dies outside the struggle, for example due to falling falls or when trying to escape, you will be revived at the beginning of the area. You only lose a fight when your entire group has died. Here, too, you will be reset to the starting point of the area. Experience points and collected items are not lost if you die.

How you increase your chances of survival

Always make sure to have two healers in the group. If a healer dies, you can revive him with the other healer. Avoid unnecessary fights and fight one opponent after the other. If you are not on a fight, the wandering elite monsters avoid.

If the whole thing becomes too difficult for you, you can screw down the difficulty of the game at any time. You can find the setting in the options. You do not get a playful disadvantage. Designed experience points as well as remunerated items remain the same.

with full stomach it fights easier

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 it is possible to increase the efficiency of your group through meals taken. Meals can be cooked at rest areas if you have the necessary ingredients and the corresponding recipe. You can find ingredients in the open game world or buy from dealers.

In addition, each colony has a canteen in which you can buy delicious meals. If you eat a meal here, you can learn the corresponding recipes so that you can cook it later at one of the rest areas.

Each dish provides you with other bonuses , which are usually active for an hour. In addition to an EP boost that you should be active as often as possible, you can improve the drop rates of gold, items and coins.

increase the flame clock & affinity of a colony

The flame clock is a special game mechanics that only applies in the first chapter of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The flame clock is a blue display at the top right of the screen and indicates how much energy your colony currently has.

You can fill the display by defeating your opponent in the game world. A full display gives you bonuses on your camp values. The energy of the flame clock decreases over time, so you shouldn’t handle every opponent. An empty display punishes you with Mali that reduce your combat values.

Attention story spoiler: After you have finished the first chapter, you will be freed from the bondage of the flame clock. Once you have completed the second chapter, you will receive a new yellow ad that specifies your colony affinity. If you free a new colony, you can increase your affinity to this colony. A high affinity rewards you with numerous bonuses.

How do I increase the affinity for a colony?

  • Talk to the residents a colony
  • Completes side missions
  • Completes the collection cards
  • Supports the colony in random encounters

change the current time-that’s how it works

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 you can change the current time of day at any time in the main menu or when traveling quickly. It is an important game mechanics that has a big impact on your adventure.

What is influenced by the time of day? **


The current time of day determines, among other things, with which monsters you get to do. Some monsters can only be found at dusk or at night. If you have to hunt a certain monster, it is worth looking for the area at different times of the day.

The time of day also determines which side missions are available. Some orders can only be found at night. Before you leave an area, you should always see if you have found all orders. Some secondary missions are no longer available in the later course of the game.

What are special techniques?

Special talents are techniques that help you get through the game world faster. For example, you can learn, we climb your steep walls up or run over poison unscathed. There are a total of four special techniques that you can see in the main menu under the item Group bonuses .

The talents are still closed at the beginning of the game. In the following we list all special talents and explain to you how you unlock every single special technology .

climbing out

You will automatically receive this special talent in Chapter 3. In the course of the chapter you have to complete the special hero mission Freund of All Levisen. If you have recruited Valdi, you will receive the first special talent. With the talent climbing walls , you can then climb Lilaf colored tendrils.

unlock ropes

You will also get the special talent automatically after you have recruited the heroine Juniper in Chapter 4. With the talent you can use rope slides to bridge larger distances in a very short time. The rope slide is either excited or must be excited by you by serving special devices.

unlock uphill sprint

This is an optional special talent that you do not automatically receive. You can only unlock the uphill sprint in Chapter 3 . Travel to Aetia and search for a mission event in the western Alfeto valley that is marked on your card with a question mark. Completes the hero mission The character of Power to learn the talent.

Neutralize poison unlock

You can only get the last talent from chapter 6 . Before that, you have to complete a whole series of secondary orders in colony 4 and the city so that it unlocks the corresponding hero mission. Once you have recruited Segiri, you will receive the most useful special talent in the game. Especially in the later course of the game you come through many toxic landscapes. Without a talent, you die of an overdose poison after just a few seconds.

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