Gold once again: Sprinter Hinze wins 3rd train wheel

The target photo decided in the important third run. After the successes in the group sprint with Pauline Grabosch (Chemnitz) and also Lea Sophie Friedrich (Chemnitz) along with in 500 m time trial with the German document of 32.668 secs, it was already the third gold for the sprint-World champion.

Meanwhile, Friedrich was defeated in 2 runs in the little final of the Dutchman Laurine Van Riessen, offering her second medal.

Dörnbach Rast to Bronze

In the 1000-meter time trial, the Cottbuser Maximilian Dörnbach took 3rd location in 1: 00.225 minutes. Only Melvin Landereau from France (59.975 secs) as well as the Italian Matteo Bianchi (1: 00.089 mins) were much faster. The BUND of German bicyclists (BDR) won the train wheel competitors 6 times gold, 3 times silver and also once bronze prior to the final day.

Emma Hinze obtained better with the 200 meter long as well as thus 50 meter much shorter short-term course much better than many of her rivals, although she had problems concerning the sprint. In time trials indeed, but in the sprint as well as Kyrin it is difficult.

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