Super Cell, Mapple Shop and Clash of Clan Service 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Goods Launched




**-In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of , 10 items that can be utilized from T-shirts, ball caps, cushions, and mouse pads, etc.

-Promium Pixel Artist Joo Jae-bum writer Stimulation of the collection as a product of pixel art

Super Cell announced that it will introduce 10 specialty goods to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Clash of Clan service with the creator goods shop Mapple Shop.

Earlier, Supercell introduced the retro concept pixel skin for the 10th anniversary of Clash of Clan, and this time, the collaboration with Mapel Shop can be used to make users feel the joy in the game everyday. I prepared the goods.

T-shirts, ball caps, cushions, mouse pads, glass cups, and smartphone straps with the theme of characters in the game, etc. It will be sold alone at Mapple Shop by 31st.

In particular, with the reinterpretation of masterpieces such as Mona Lisa and Gogh, the artist of pixel artist Joo Jae-bum was in charge of pixel art by not only domestic but also in Korea.

An official of Supercell said, After the global launch in 2012, we have prepared special goods with Mapple Shop to express our gratitude to many users who have enjoyed the game for a long time so that can become a long-lived mobile game. We will continue to show various contents updates and events in Clash of Clan, and we will ask for a lot of attention to the limited edition goods full of classic IP and pixels.

Park Hye-yoon, CEO of Mapple Corporation, who runs Mapple Shop, said, I hope that the 10th anniversary of Clash of Clan, which has been loved as a representative mobile game for 10 years, will be a special gift for users. We will practice creator economy by connecting brands and creators and fandoms.

On the other hand, Mapple Shop is a custom-made printing platform that helps brands and one-person creators to open a goods shop. It offers one-stop service from product production to sales and delivery. Recently, he collaborated with the goods with ‘Mangmang Rupi’ and ‘Adobe Korea’, and creators such as Sewing Water TV, Ding Dong Dang University, and Jangpi Zhu were also sold as a seller.

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