Demon Musume Roglike RPG Demon Girl and Mysterious Adventure 2-2 King and Promise Steam, etc. will be officially released on August 26. Dungeon capture with Nakama

On August 20, domestic personal game developers, Kokage, announced on August 26 that Demon Musume and Mysterious Adventure 2-2 King and Promise Promise will be officially released. This work is currently being distributed early by Steam and DLsite. With the official release, a story and dungeon will be added on August 26. In addition, the selling price is planned.

Demon Musume and Mysterious Adventure 2-2 King and Promise Promise is a turn-based rogue RPG that captures random generated dungeons with demon girls. The stage of this work is a world where demon girls exist. The protagonist of this work accompanied a journey to become a demon king. The story starts when the protagonist and Melt have finished a long journey and returned to the village. The story progresses based on the village where the demon girls live.

The player operates the protagonist and challenges the dungeon as the story progresses. This work is called a mysterious dungeon-style rogue-like game, and is based on the rogue-like system in the basic part.

Players challenge random-generated dungeons, where their structures change each time they challenge. In the dungeon, the protagonist’s turn and the enemy turn alternately, and the time progresses. While paying attention to the HP and stamina, we will use items obtained in the dungeon, such as weapons/armor/bracelet/wand/food, to proceed for the dungeon. The basic systems, such as Kazuki no Shiren and Torneko’s Great Adventure, are in a mysterious dungeon style. Although it is a familiar element in a mysterious dungeon, a seal system that gives special effects by combining items to weapons and armor is introduced.


One of the unique elements is that most of the enemies and characters appearing are demons. In the dungeon, demon girls appear as enemies, but if you run look over and switch the viewpoint to the first person, you can talk with the demon girl. Furthermore, if you have a high level of friendship with the demon girl, you can meet the enemy’s demon girl on the spot if you meet certain conditions for each demon girl. With the demon girls, we can capture the dungeon together. In this work, you can organize up to 6 monsters on the field and up to 6 monsters, including reservations. Introduced the enhancement elements of Nakama, such as the rise of the level, the inheritance of skills between monsters, and equipment for demon girls. While strengthening the Nakama, the dungeon capture can be advanced.

In addition, this work has a special effect given to items called title. For example, if the title of Yasen patience is on the weapon, the damage will increase when the condition is abnormal. If the title of gambling is attached, the damage will be twice or half. Items with the title can be obtained when defeating a special enemy called Alpha Monster. In this work, in addition to the mark and the correction value, the quality of the title is related to the strength. In addition, as an element, this work has a casual mode for players who want to play comfortably in addition to the normal rogue-like mode. In casual mode, items stop lost and can restart from the same hierarchy. Strong monsters are modes that are easy to play casually.

It is Mr. Kagage, a personal game developer in Japan. In the past work, in 2020, he released his previous work, Demon Girl and Mysterious Adventure-Tower of Power and Tower of Return for PCs. The work gained the status very popular with 89 % of the 105 user reviews in Steam. The Nintendo Switch version was also distributed in September 2020.

This work, Demon Girl and Mysterious Adventure 2-2 King and Promise, Promise is the same as the genre and rough mechanism. There are two to three friends who can take them all at once, and the power-ups have been improved with various factors, such as a system that allows you to summon a friend in the dungeon and a housing element in villages and home. Early access distribution has started in April 2022, and updates such as the damage calculation method, the status of all characters, and the addition of dungeons and stories from the distribution to the present. Steam’s user reviews have been very popular with 92 % of 157. In the official release, stories/dungeons/items/titles/skills/gimmicks/furniture will be added. As an adjustment, the calculation method of the acquisition experience value has been changed, and the Early Access Limited Gekimuzu Dungeon has been deleted. The price will be changed.

Demon Musume and Mysterious Adventure 2-2 King and Promise Promise will be officially released on August 26 for PC (Steam/Dlsite). Currently, it is 1840 yen including tax during early access, but price changes are scheduled for official release. The official website also has a trial version of this work.

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