Mortal Kombat: The 30th Anniversary Ultimate Bundle showed up

A bundle appeared at Amazon UK, with which the round wedding anniversary of the bloody fight title is evidently to be celebrated. One of the most crucial information ahead of time: You must not expect way too much from the Mortal Kombat: The 30th Anniversary Ultimate Bundle, which will be readily available, according to Amazon UK from September 26, 2022.

This year the Mortal Kombat collection, which began in 1992 in the United States Arcade game halls, is celebrating its 30th birthday.


Instead, enthusiasts must only get their money’s worth at the special Steelbook, which is used as part of the practically 30 extra pounds of wedding anniversary bundle.

the components of the package carefully

Also if some cash can of program be saved compared to the private purchase, the Mortal Kombat: The 30th Anniversary Ultimate Bundle does not come without criticism. Instead, the community slams the reality that the leaked bundle provides far insufficient to do justice to the 30th birthday of a fabulous series like Mortal Kombat.

Additional reports concerning Mortal Kombat 11.

On the one hand, the anniversary package Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate includes. Here we are managing a full plan that brings all the download content published along with the main game of Mortal Kombat 11. On top of that, the Mortal Kombat film released in 2021 is used on a UHD. Everything crammed in the steelbook pointed out at the beginning.

A main declaration on the leak of the Mortal Kombat: The 30th Anniversary Ultimate Bundles and also the criticism of the players is still pending.

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