How to get a ceramic marker in Robloox Find Markers

Although finding markers may seem just another experience in the style of hunting for garbage, in fact it offers a rather complex map with more than a few complex secrets that need to be found. With these The Secret of Foliage Update Find the Markers added nine more markers to find players, including the one that we will consider in this brief leadership, ceramic marker .

Search for a ceramic marker in Find the Markers

After appearing in Find The Markers, head to the Olde Shop building, which is located next to the Renaissance.

Once inside the Olde Shop, come and talk with the yellow marker, which stands behind the counter.

To get to the ceramic marker, we need to enter the Olde Shop basement. To enter the basement, you must talk with a yellow marker and choose the right dialog tips. The correct tips are as follows:

I met one of your ancestors. *
primrose marker.

If you choose all three correct text tips, the yellow marker teleports you to the basement. From the revival point in the basement, you should see a ceramic marker on top of the stairs behind you.


When you try to get closer to the ceramic marker, he will break into pieces and fall from the stairs. To get this marker, you need to find and collect all its parts and fasten them together again. These parts can be found on the first and second floors of the basement, so be sure to look everywhere-at the top and below!

After collecting the last part, a sound signal will be heard to warn you about the successful reconstruction of a ceramic marker.

To add this marker to your MarkerDex, just go up to it and tape it. After that, you will receive a congratulatory pop-up window below!

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