All Titan ARC 3.0 abilities in Destiny 2

Titans are troops at the front in Destiny 2, which prefer to solve problems with fists. Thanks to the alteration of ARC 3.0, they can reduce the gap much faster and show their enemies the rage of storm.

Destiny 2 Titan Arc 3.0 Supers

Chaos fists *
* Build your fists and hit the ground with the power of whirlpool.
The main attack : quickly move forward, causing damage to all the affected goals.
Secondary attack : hit with fists on the ground, causing damage to the region around you and leaving shocks. Performing an air strike causes additional damage.
* thunderbird
* Rush through the air like a rocket, and crash into targets to inflict a meteorite damage.

abilities Destiny 2 Titan Arc 3.0

Hind barricade *
* Create a large barrier that can be used to strengthen the position with covering from enemy fire.
rally barricade
* Create a small barrier through which you can look into the sight, and which increases the reloading rate of weapons, stability and range when you stand behind it.
I-steaming device
* While on the ground, quickly evade the side.
Seismic blow *
* After a short sprint, activate the charged ability of near-battle to crash with a shoulder into the target, causing damage and blinding enemies in the area around them. While you are strengthened, the radius of blinding increases.
Ballistic blow *

* After running and being in the air, activate the charged ability of near-battle to crash into the ground, causing damage to the nearest enemies.

thundering *
* Lying on the ground to put your legs and begin to charge a fist with arc energy. Let go to release a destructive explosion in front of yourself, which inflicts damage, increasing with an increase in charging time.
Storm grenade
* A grenade causing a focused storm of lightning.
Lightning pomegranate
* A grenade that sticks to any surface and emits lightning.
Light-Shuman grenade *
* An explosive grenade that causes damage and blinds the nearest goals.
Pulse grenade *
* A grenade that periodically damages the goals within the radius of its explosion.

Pass the grenade *
* A pomegranate, which is split during the impact, forming several shells flying to the target.
Flus grenade
* Explosive grenade that attaches to goals.
arc grenade
* A grenade that rivets lightning to the nearest purposes.

Destiny 2 Titan Arc 3.0 aspects

Knock *
* The critical wound of the goal or the destruction of its shield fills your close combat attacks with the energy of the arc and increases your short battle range and damage for a short time. The victory over the goals in close combat triggers the regeneration of health and enhances you.
Touch of thunder
* Your light-school grenade, impulse grenade, lightning and storm grenades have improved functionality.
Light-Shuman grenade : radiates an additional blinding flash during a rebound.
Impulse grenade *: periodically creates ionic traces, since they cause damage to goals and increase in damage eventually.
Lightning pomegranate : gives an additional charge of a grenade and discards goals affected by the original explosion.
Storm grenade : After the explosion, it creates a wandering thunderstorm that monitors the nearest targets and shoots lightning at opponents under it.
* Jaggernaut
* With complete energy of the class ability and after a short run, you get a front shield that blocks incoming damage. When the front shield breaks, the energy of your class is exhausted. Being enhanced, the shield blocks much more damage before breaking.

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