Kona II Brume: Preview

In Kona II Brume you get on the skin of detective Carl Faubert, who has to solve a hard situation again. Yet don’t worry, according to the developer, you don’t always need to recognize. Faubert goes into a remote angle of Canada, where a mining village is in Heller chaos.

The eponymous Brume, a type of fog, ruins the equilibrium of nature and therefore guarantees a lot of troubles among individuals that live there. To endure the brume is anything but simple. And it is now as much as you to obtain behind the keys of the occasions.

atmospheric journey in the snow

In the snow-covered landscape, as an example, animals such as deer and also huge bears that you can yield with a tool await-but do not need to. These possibilities likewise expand the period enormously: You can possibly play through Konda II Brume in an excellent 6 to 8 hours, or let you drive up to 12 hrs in the snowy wild.

We spoke to one of the designers regarding the sort of player Kona II Brume appropriates. In its eyes, the game allures to a rather big target team due to the fact that the predecessor does not need to be played. Certainly, it is apparent that followers of walking simulators ought to definitely maintain an eye on it. However likewise people who such as survival video games (key words: The Long Dark) must be at the very least checking out a trailer here.

The atmospheric game played in snow-covered Canada in the 1970s, which does something from the background al1. The amazing weather, the partly inadequate visibility and the isolation of the environments are a strangely serene and also frustrating sensation at the same time. That you do not lose on your own in the face of the white fog, there is an omniscient narrator, as in the initial part, accompanies you with history.

Every information might play a significant duty and is videotaped in the protagonist’s diary. The ideas are partly commemorated with small illustrations and notes and you can always have a look in to recognize the circumstances. What truly happened as well as can the strange fog still quit? Once again and also once more your journal is most likely one of the most crucial utensil.

detective job

By undergoing the world, checking out documents as well as showing objects, even more of the actual story opens up gradually. The silent narrator’s voice explains the thoughts of the lead character and also provides you the feeling that you never be alone here. The journey leads you repeatedly via the snowy wilderness, remote lakes or to the large village that is not spared from the unsafe brume.

With your expeditions in north Canada you are quite free: do you intend to look with the dog sled with the icy lake or would certainly you prefer to look behind the next hills? Everywhere there are brand-new hints or functional products that facilitate the further exams and also steps.

You are a detective Carl Faubert and also have to locate out with your grips what might have happened here. Often you likewise fulfill individuals that were able to save themselves and currently have a lot to tell.

Although the emphasis is out the survival facet, there are additionally a few survival technicians that have to be thought about. Over all, the heat display screen has currently played a major role in our game session at Gamescom. How great that a comfortably warm fire swiftly defrosts the frozen fingers.

analysis: extremely good

In Kona II Brume you slip into the skin of detective Carl Faubert, who has to fix a difficult situation once again. The eponymous Brume, a kind of haze, ruins the equilibrium of nature and also hence ensures a lot of problems among the people who live there. The trip leads you once again and also once again with the snowy wilderness, remote lakes or to the huge town that is not spared from the unsafe brume.

We spoke to one of the designers regarding the kind of gamer Kona II Brume is ideal. At Kona II Brume you ought to not anticipate an action survival game that allows your adrenaline skyrocket.

At Kona II Brume you should not anticipate an activity survival game that allows your adrenaline skyrocket. It’s just not a game. Yet in its extremely own specific niche, this game is a hidden jewel that you need to absolutely take a look at.

The narrative voice gives the game an extremely special flair, which it stands out from other style representatives. The voice star in the English variation (German was not offered) satisfies his tonation exactly and also follows you with the tale, which is possibly waiting on you with some frustrating moments.

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If you like strolling simulators, calm narrative voices and investigator job, Kona II Brume might be something for you. The ambience mesmerized us after just a few minutes and also did hold for a long time after the game day.

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