Dragon Quest theme song Overture The secret story of the birth of the birth is a drama! Broadcast the half life of Koichi Sugiyama on 24 Hours Television

At the 24-hour TV 45 held from August 27 to 28, a drama ** Haruyama Koichi Monogatari Dragon Quest Overture, a drama that reproduces the half life of composer Koichi Sugiyama, will be broadcast. Did.

In this drama, in September 2021, Mr. Sugiyama, who died in regret, met Dragon Quest and created the theme song Overture, full-scale cast members. It is said that it will be delivered in a typical drama.


Akira Yasuda plays the role of the main character, Koichi Sugiyama. Noda Crystal (Magical Love) is the role of the attendant. Dragon Quest’s production teams include Yuki Hirako (Alco & Peace), Daisuke Shiba (Moglider), Sho Kaga (Kagaya), and Toshi Furuya. As a female employee, Natsuko Momota (Momoiro Clover Z) and others have been decided.

At the Ryogoku Kokugikan, which is the venue of the 24-hour TV 45, about 40 students in the brass band and marching band department will also be performed by Dragon Quest Medley. The broadcast is scheduled for around 9:50 on August 28.

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