Filtration reveals new subscription level at Xbox Game Pass

For months ago it has been confirmed that little by little the family subscription of Xbox Game Pass is reaching several countries, but beyond that they have not talked about other types of membership at the service. And now, thanks to a filtration, it is commented that there will be a new level of this income, which at the moment has not been revealed by Microsoft .

Through the Twitter user, @alumia_italia, an informant who has shared many firstfruits of Xbox , the next level of Game Pass will be called Friends & Family . The information was shared through a new image. And although no more details were shared on this subscription plan, it is said that it will allow users to pay a higher monthly cost and extend the benefits to other users.

What has most attracted attention to fans, is the design of the logo, because it looks quite solid and convincing in terms of what Xbox has been implementing in recent years. This means that this level of subscription is not very far from being revealed, so the next weeks can present the opportunity to make it known.

For now, all this is a rumor, so in the end this new membership might not arrive.

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