Valorant Champions, the worlds best Valorant team

-2022 final settlement competition Champions will open on the 31st

-16 teams in 7 regions, Istanbul gathered… 3 weeks of thermal warfare

-‘Korea Representative’ DRX, Group D organization… First match against Puria on September 2

In 2022, Champions, the last international competition to cover the world’s strongest in Valorant, will take place for three weeks in Turkiye Istanbul.

Riot Games, the 5th to 5th Daejeon character-based tactical FPS FPS , is a distributor of Riot Games, from August 31 (Wed) to September 18 (Sun), at Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul, Turkiye. Lorand> Champions will be held.

Valorant Champions is the highest authority with the world’s strongest people from seven regions around the world to cover the world champions. In 2021, he held his first tournament in Berlin, Germany, and Europe’s representative Ascend won the championship.

16 participating teams confirmed… DRX is organized in Group D

Balorant Champions, which is held in Istanbul, in 2022, will be attended by 16 teams who have passed regional challengers and three final selections during the year.

Champions, which takes place from August 31 to September 18 based on Turkish time, is Korea’s representative, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Funplus Phoenix, Fnatic, and Team Liquid, Optic Gaming, North America. Two teams including X-Set, 100 Seaves, Brazil’s leading loudes, and Puria esports will compete.

Two teams including Latin America’s representative Leviathan and Crew esports, four teams including Asia-Pacific representative Paper Rex, Jersia, Boom esports, and Edward Gaming, and 16 teams in Japan.

The group stage tank was also completed. The challengers were divided into four pools in consideration of the final scores and local skills, and if a certain team was assigned to the same area, the team was formed by placing it in the next group in the alphabetical order.

As a result, Group A is Paper Rex, Edward Gaming, Leviathan, Team Liquid, Group B, Optic Gaming, Boom esports, Zeta Division, Loud, Group C for Fun Plus Phoenix DRX, Puria esports, Fnatic, and 100 Seaves are deployed.

In the opening game, which will be held at 11 pm on the 31st, Group A Paper Rex and Edward Gaming will play, and Korea’s representative DRX will play the first match against Puria esports at 9 pm on September 2.

Valorant Champions is divided into group stage and tournament stage. The Round of 16, the group stage is divided into four groups of four teams. After the first match of the group, the team confronts the winners and the team confronts the losers. The winner of the winner takes to the quarter-finals with the first place, and the defeated team plays in the final match with the losers, and the final winner wins the quarter-finals with the second place.

The tournament after the group stage is randomly formed. The team, which ranked first in each group and a team that ranked second in the group, randomly matched, and eight teams played double elimination, and in the first round, the first team deals with the second team..

Drep of viewing-Various events such as limited collection

Various prizes and goods visit viewers for Champions, the best festival of Valorant.

The Balorant accounts with special items for fans who are linked with YouTube or Twitch accounts and watching Champions through live broadcast channels from August 31 to September 18. If you watch live broadcasts from August 31st to September 13th, you will receive a ‘flame’ title. It offers ‘2022 VCT Champions Hero Card’.

If you buy a limited collection of items, there is also a program that allows you to support teams. If you buy a 2022 Champions Collection of 2022 Champions Phantom, Butterfly Knife, Trophy Card, Firearms and Spray, 50%of the proceeds will be delivered to the team. This item is not easily available because it is not sold again in the store or night market, and is sold only until September 22.

By September 22, if you achieve the event pass seven stages in the Valorant game, Jet Chai Spray, Gamer Title, 10 Ready Night Points, Good! Player cards, bad potato titles, 10 Ready Night Points, and 2022 Champions Baseball Hat guns are provided according to the stages.

The 2022 Balorant Champions will also be presented. The 2022 Champions ‘Fear/No’ windbreak jacket, 2022 Champions ‘Aurora-03’ hoodies, and 2022 Champions ‘Fear/No’ baseball hat are sold through Riot Store.

2022 Valorant Champions is broadcast live through Twitch, YouTube, African TV and Naver Sports.


Details of 2022 Valorant Champions can be found on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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