Freefire: Double Booyah for The Kings and Loto Gaming in North challengers

A new day within the North competition begins for the survivors, the fourth date of challengers continues with a lot The teams have been quite strong and wanting to demonstrate their best strategies to advance to the upper part of the table.

Starting in Purgatory We see the Pharaoh team take the front early to be able to demonstrate all its strength thanks to Clean who has been hitting the bullets in the right places that gives the victory to Astral. In the second scenario Alps The Infinity squad seeks revenge from the previous meeting that stayed at all the victory and now turn thanks to Also that helps to get victory.

In the third Bermuda map is present, but the flourishing Lot Gaming is shown with Tiling that is aggressive to be able to have the necessary power to achieve victory in the confrontation. Passing to Kalahari The encounter becomes very interesting because the squads make several very good duels, but The Kings rose with the power of Beja that causes them to take the victory.


During the fifth map Purgatory returns and after coming warmth of the previous victory The Kings puts the situation in his favor by getting early advantage that gives them a second Booth at night. The last map would be Alps where the Lot Gaming squad would take control of the situation to generate pressure against the rivals that would give them victory.

Close day four of challengers in the northern part leaving double Booth for The Kings and Lot Gaming Moving the table a little but due to the performance that the kings gave are positioned in the first position, on the other hand Los Zen Despite not taking victory, they are second due to their performance at night, now we will wait a week to see what the squads propose.

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