GTA Online: How to get the Maxwell Vagrant free car

The weekly promotions and gifts of GTA online always received with open arms, especially by those who want to expand their garage with more vehicles. The good news is that during these days you can achieve it thanks to the fact that it will be possible Get the Maxwell Vagrant for free, as we explain in the following guide.

How to get the Maxwell vagrant free car

Good customs should never be lost, such as going to car meet of ls . In this place you can access the interaction menu to show that there is no one better than you at the wheel in order to take this new vehicle home.

The challenge of the prize vehicle consists of winning an urban race for four days in a row . In the event that you get it, you will receive in return the keys of the Maxwell Vagrant to pilot it whenever you want.

In addition to all this, on the testing track you will find the green versions, in support of the Shrunk brand, the Ocelot Ardent, the Sister Comet SR and the Annie Saver to use them everything you want in case you encourage you to buy them.

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