Valorant World Champion has won Valorant Champions 2022 with Brazilian national team LOUD -Optic Gaming and Valorant Champions 2022

The international competition Valorant Champions 2022, which determines the annual champion of Valorant, has won the Map Score 3-1 with the Brazilian national team Loud in the NA representative Optic Gaming.

Loud and OPTIC, the confrontation between the two is the third time in the tournament, the group stage, Upper Bracket Final, and Grand Final. Not only that, but in Stage1 Masters, which was held in Reykjavik, Optic won the UPPER BRACKET FINAL and Grand Finals. In the following STAGE2 Masters, Loud loses the playoffs without breaking the playoffs in the group stage. A mysterious edge was born throughout the year. And Loud finally won in the culmination of the year, Champions. With the regrets that had not been at the top so far, he ended this year’s VCT with the championship and brought his first victory in the Brazilian region.

optic has won the runner-up, but the fact that MASTERS won the STGA1 championship, STAGE2 runner-up, and the fact that he has always achieved good results throughout the year is not shaking.

Two years have passed since the international tournament was held in the Valorant competition scene, but this year, the same team did not win multiple championships. Next year, there will be a major change in the environment, such as the new international league, and Challenger’s shifting to the league system. What kind of team, the region will show up there, and how far the Japanese team will win? And how does the story Valorant spin? Expectations are only increasing.

However, this year’s VCT is not over yet. From November 15 to 20, a women-only world tournament, Valorant Champions Game Changers, will be held in Berlin, Germany. In the East Asian qualifying round Valorant Game Changers East Asia for the tournament, Japan has decided to participate in Fennel and Reignite Lily from Japan. Here, let’s support the Japanese team fighting in the world.

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