Hyper Demon, the new creators of Devil Daggers, is now available on Steam

SOUTH , the Australian independent study responsible for the celebrated Daggers, has announced by surprise the launch of Hyper Demon , its new FPS that can be bought from now on PC through its page of Steam .

The announcement is accompanied by the trailer that you have above (in fact, they warn with a warning of photosensitivity: This game contains intense visual effects that include strobe effects), a frantic video that does not give rest to our pupils and shows us something similar to a sequel to what we saw in its previous title. The Melbourne-based team will transfer us to a first-person shooting game like no other.

«A pearl of lightning. A dream of the future. A drop of poison. A swan song. The faster you kill the demons, the more difficult the game will be and the higher your score will be. There is an end. Will you see you? We read in its official description.

As Daggers already did, it seems clear that this hyper demon will recover the novelty of the most frantic shots games, and will be as minimalist in the mechanical as his predecessor was without giving up a large amount of arsenal to exploit the skills of the skills of Our character with high-depth combos and spectacularly. Gather gems to enhance your shot and use them to load laser attacks and skillfully unravel cataclysmic supermoviments, they explain.

The curious user display plan will have the peculiarity that it will give us a wide peripheral vision to be able to see in a field of up to 180º, and has an exclusive rearview that will allow perceiving the danger in a range of 360º.


Hyper Demon is now available on PC through Steam .

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