How to restore HP in Diofield Chronicle

Treatment of your characters on the battlefield is an important game mechanic that needs to be studied in The Airfield Chronicle.

Tracking your unit health is necessary to win in any battle, large or small. Before attacking thoughtlessly, not caring about the health points of your characters is a quick way to die in the game.

In this leadership, we will consider all HP restoration methods in Airfield Chronicles.

how to be treated in The Airfield Chronicle

The game has several ways to treat your characters. You can either use consumables, or have a passive skill that can restore the health points of your units. Below are always to restore your character’s HP in Airfield Chronicles:


As in many role-playing games, potions also play an important role in this game. In Airfield Chronicles, you can equip two different parts. Each can only be used once. The parts that can restore HP and EP can be bought in a store. You can get a healing part by spending a little currency.


fragments of green nephritis

A fragment of green nephritis is an item that falls free. Raising it, you will restore your unit health points. However, they do not fall all the time. Thus, fragments of green nephritis are too inconsistent to rely solely on them for the treatment of your units. But there is a solution to this problem.

You can equip the skill for 10 points of abilities, known as Physical Protection, which will give your units a 100% chance of falling out green nephritis.

passive abilities

You can also use units with passive abilities that can treat your group. These characters will come in handy if your treatment portions have ended, and you cannot find a fragment of green nephritis.

One of the most frequently used characters for this purpose is of the Seller . They have the ability called rough health, which restores 1% of health every 3 seconds. This percentage can be increased by pumping the skill.

Magic Units

This is a class of units that specialize in treatment. They can treat the rest of your group while fighting enemies. The protection of these units is the key to victory in the battles, since without them, you are in a very disadvantage.

Magilumic spheres

As soon as you unlock Magicked unlocks, you will get a side quest. This side quest is called chains that connect . Performing this task will reward you with a magi comic sphere. This subject is ideal for treatment. You will need to fill out the TP scale twice so that Magilumic Orb heals your group.

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