It seems that an Xbox Series X White will arrive soon

Through collaborations and special events, the Xbox Series X | s has received a series of special editions over the almost two years it has been in the market. However, fans have complained about the lack of aesthetic options available to the public. Fortunately, It seems that this could change shortly .

Currently, you can only find an Xbox Series X in black, something that fails to be compared to the enormous amount of options offered by the switch, or even with the PS5 housings. However, during a recent commercial by Logitech, It can be seen that the Microsoft console now has a white tone , something that has excited more than one person.

It is important to mention that The white Xbox Series X has not been officially announced , and it could well be just a modification made by Logitech for its commercial. However, considering that an elite 2 control is already on sale in this hue, the possibility of having a new model of this console is not ruled out.

On related issues, Xbox still does not have good sales in Japan. Similarly, the Xbox bookstore is renewed.

Editor’s note:

When taking into consideration the story of Xbox, there are not many cases of alternative colors for its consoles. Outside the special editions, the base models always retained a similar tone, or at least without some noticeable modification. I hope this changes with the X series, but I would not be surprised if this does not happen.

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