How does the ground invasion mode work in Modern Warfare 2?

In addition to the new fast game modes, such as Knockout and Salvation of Prisoners, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 appeared another multi-user regime called Invasion. The variation of the original Ground War from Modern Warfare 2019, it can be the next successful game mode in the franchise of the shooters.

How to play the invasion of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

The Invasion mode in Modern Warfare 2 is, in fact, a large-scale team battle to death (TDM), which participate in people and AI soldiers. The game mode supports up to 32 for 32 players and puts you on a card, much more than those used in ordinary 6 per 6 Call of Duty.

Players in each team further divide into detachments of four people. Your main goal in Ground War Invasion is to score as many points as possible for your team in various ways. The team that first gains 1000 points wins in the game. In this mode, glasses are accrued in the following order:

One item *: Elimination of a soldier or combatant AI.
Two points : a series of murders of an enemy UAV or counter-BPPP.
Three points : a series of murders of a vertical take-off and landing helicopter, a helicopter or a helicopter machine gunner.
* Five points : elimination of an enemy operator, knocking down an enemy warship or destroying a vehicle belonging to the operator.

Invasion Guide to Modern Warfare 2


Use vehicles *: Various types of ground and aircraft regularly fall out in various parts of the map. You can monitor these drops using your tactical card, and capture the vehicle to get an advantage of opponents. Vehicles are best used for attack and movement.
Identification of combatants from operators : While enemy and friendly operators are marked with an ordinary triangular icon on a tactical map, AI soldiers are marked with a circle.
Beware of the combatants : AI soldiers are landing from the sky and appear on the ground for both teams. Although the murder of the bot of an enemy team may seem easy, he may distract and even lead to your death.
packages of capture services *: these boxes fall at equal intervals on the map, and the capture of one of them can give you one of the many series of murders in Modern Warfare 2.
Get rid of the murder series *: As mentioned above, knocking down various series of murders from the sky, you get glasses, so keeping the launching installation in your user equipment is a good move.

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