Nintendo officially launches Nintendo Pictures, its new animation study


Nintendo has already made official the launch of Nintendo Pictures , its new animation study after the purchase of Dynamo Pictures for «the development of visual content using the intellectual property of Nintendo».

To commemorate its officially, the Japanese company has launched a website of the animation study completely in Japanese, although thanks to the translation of VGC we can confirm that it has 105 employees and a financial capital of 34.5 million yen (almost €250,000), In addition to a section on the page itself for the hiring of new workers.

Through our videos, we intend to publicize the characters of Nintendo to customers around the world and create unique videos that remain in their memory forever, says the statement on the web. «To do this, each one of our employees will strive to create an organization that can continue to grow, always taking into account what could be interesting for customers around the world, and dedicating themselves to a production work with which they enjoy themselves. We will continue to assume the challenge of offering unique and surprising images to customers around the world, transcending generations and times ».

The news that originated this study was that of the acquisition of Dynamo Pictures by the Japanese company last July, when 100% of the shares were made and expected to close the purchase today, October 3. From now on, it is already official that they are working in new audiovisual content using Nintendo IPS, a raw stone still to exploit in especially prolific sector in recent times with more and more adaptations of different franchises.

In order for us to get an idea of what they have done so far, it is worth highlighting their origins in 2004 under the name of Studio Dynamo before changing their name in 2011. Since then, they have created multiple products such as ICE, AYA and The Witch or The second season of Ghost in the Shell from Netflix within television. However, they have also had animation work within the video game industry itself, with participation in the graphic computing of Final Fantasy XIII-2 or the capture of movement in Monster Hunter World, Near Replica, person 5 or Death Stranding.

It is not the first time that he collaborates with Nintendo, by the way, since at the time they were also responsible for producing a series of pikmin-based shorts.

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