30 years of Mortal Kombat, the game that horrified your parents

When the player wins, the so-called Death Sequence begins. The game narrator instructs the player to Finish, and I quote Finish His Opponent. The player can then choose the murder method, with a range that goes from gutting his heart, to tear the head of the opponent with the spine stuck.

They are the words of the senator by Connecticut Joseph Lieberman, in the Subcommittee of Government and Judicial Affairs of the Senate, regarding the Mortal Kombat video game in the early 90s. Describe the moments related to the famous Fatalities , the movements with which We can end up in the game with our opponents in the most violent way possible. On the screen it w a fun action, which started laughing and made us take our hands to the head by the fuck. Described so sober in a commission sounds to when we recite the lyrics of a reggaeton with a serious and without music. H no sense.

Mortal Kombat in question

They were the years of the ruthless Doom with his Martian gore, by Night Trap with his unfortunate Z-series video scenes and, of course, of the bloody Mortal Kombat , which had arrived to stand up to the king of the ring, Street Fighter 2. The fact is that, although today it may seem like a somewhat exaggerated controversy, in their day these games in particular, and by extension the entire industry, they were questioned… literally.

And, at the graphic level, there h been a great jump from Pac-Man to Night Trap, they continued to say in the commission. The digitized graphics of the characters of Mortal Kombat were dangerously approaching reality, and the images of extreme violence with which the competes ended were too much for the cotton minds of the good American families. In fact, Toys R Us withdrew the games from their shelves because, according to this commission: They were not the type of gifts that parents give to their children.

This resulted in the Agent Qualification System of the United States (the PEG here), a control system arising from the industry itself to warn the parents of the recommended age to play each title. Interestingly, this opened the possibility to specifically create adult games, with a seal that, did Carol with the Parental Advisory label, became a claim for adolescents.


The nefarious Night Trap w another sample of the antagonistic approach in the Sega and Nintendo market at that time. Of course, the great n w with the good ones, and positioned itself with the accusation and in defense of those family values of which they, like Disney, where flagged. Thus, Mortal Kombat arrived at Super Nintendo ** without the original gore load that did have the most megadrive Molina. Of course, the second devtated sales to the first.

Three decades have psed since then, and games like Mortal Kombat redefined the industry to their regret. The result, in the long run, w good, because he expanded the spectrum for future projects with the birth of the clsification by ages, and raided the way for the radical change of approach that meant the arrival of the first Sony console, the PSX.

Today, with video games well above any other leisure option in popularity and dividends, Mortal Kombat h not been forgotten but, on the contrary, enjoys very good health thanks to its lt installments. Mortal Kombat 11, even launched in 2019, continues to delight fans, and waiting for his next title for 2023 , what we would like right now to know is what w Senator Joseph Lieberman, if an Ulcer with all that, or what thinks of a medium to which, not only could he not stop, but, unintentionally, he helped popularize.

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