[e -sports trend] Popular cools are LCS. Fiscal foam collapse?

tory is a series of corners that can collect important news in the e-sports industry last week. In addition to the news of the entire e-sports industry in Korea and abroad, we introduce various information and stories such as domestic e-sports-related events and policies, issues of the fan community, and news of each game team. In addition, we will also inform the domestic and overseas e-sports competition scheduled this week.

■ News of e-sports at home and abroad

◎ Vincent IOC VS Officer, Plan for E-Sports only
-t met with Vincent Ferreira, IOC virtual sports officer. Vincent said in an interview that we are planning to make an e-sports event at the Olympics. In the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, he introduced the Virtual series and explained that he was successful. In addition to virtual sports, he also showed interest in League of Legends and PUBG. Vincent recognized the synergy between the two, even though it was right to treat each other differently because it was a different form of competition from established sports.

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◎ Rolled Cup stage lighting, players interfere with the view of the players?
There was a foreign report on the New York Madison Square Garden Hulu Theater, where the -2022 Rolled Cup Group stage was in progress. In an interview with the players, Dot’s Sports released an article that the players’ view of the field was interrupted by the lighting on the stage. Benji’s supporter ‘Risen’ Son Si-woo and GAM’s top liner Kiara said in an interview that the stage lights were so bright that the monitor was not seen instantly during the game.

◎ Group stage is also… Corona issues at the Rolled Cup site
Following the Rolled Cup Play-In-in in Mexico City, the Corona 19 issue also occurred at the group stage in New York. Riot Games announced the fact that it will run the competition by applying the protocol such as play-in. Many athletes and coaches, including LCK players, are in isolated corona positive reactions.

◎ Japan Valorant esports, steady rise
-The interest in Valorant esports in Japan is steadily rising. According to the e-sports chart, the viewing time of the Japanese Valorant YouTube channel was 263 million hours in September, which was held in September, when the VCT Masters Istanbul was held. In addition, the group league match between the Japanese game team Zeta Division and the winning team LOUD was the fifth-largest audience rating of 773,000 people. As interest in Valorant esports in Japan soared, Detonation, which joined the franchise league, announced that it would build a gaming house in Seoul, where the first league was held.

◎ Cart Live Sandbox Both League wins… PUBG China NH Sports win
-Live sandbox laughed loudly in the Cart Rider League. In the solo exhibition, Taiwanese mercenary ‘Neil’ won the championship, and the team also recaptured the throne for a long time. Meanwhile, in PCS7, the PUBG Global Competition, China’s NH Sports laughed. The Korean teams showed their name from the third place and finished the competition in various locations, from the top to the middle. A total of 12 teams, including the PCS7 Asian championship NH Sports, were qualified for the PGC 2022, which will be held in November.

■ This week’s e-sports schedule


■ esports sources

◎ North American legend ‘Double Lift’, LCS financial foaming
The -LCS teams have been in a terrible performance in the Rolled Cup. Double Lift, who expressed the above opinion during the conversation with the former professional gamer Sticky, insisted that LCS has been to reduce the salary.

For a while, LCS has been considered to be a favorable area for the salary rise with LPL, but apart from him, it is based on the fact that the popularity of the country is significantly decreasing due to the sluggishness on the international stage. If the popularity cools, the amount of investment can be reduced more than it is now, so it will eventually affect the salaries of the players. In fact, Team Rigid, who formed the Super Team, also declared that he would run the team with a focus on fostering athletes in 2023 after the failure to enter the Rolled Cup.

◎ African TV-Live Sandbox Streaming Partnership
-Live Sandbox will carry out players’ personal broadcasts on African TV. This is the fourth announcement following T1, Benji and DRX. African TV and Live Sandbox are planning to showcase various contents for esports fans and users after the partnership. In order to commemorate the streaming partnership, we will also welcome fans to welcome events and promotions with various rib sandbox prizes.

◎ DRX Valorant, News to join ‘Fox 9’
-DRX Valorant Game Team said that it has signed ‘Foxy 9’ Along Jae-young. Foxy 9 was the last activity in the 2022 VCT Japan Challengers Team Nanite. He is a player who plays the jet as his flagship agent, and he has also been observed as Chase Jabber, Breach and Sage. The new Foxy 9, which has joined the team, will work in the league next year with the existing five players.

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