Should you let Hugo use rats in plague tale requiem? Answered

One of the unique features of the original plague tale was the swarms of rats, which were both a plot device and a game mechanics all in 1. They returned again for the sequel and present the same moral enigma as before. So, for those who wonder if you should let Hugo use rats in plague tale requiem This is what you need to know.

Hugo using rats in plague tale requiem explained

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You should absolutely let Hugo use rats in plague tale requiem. Of course, while in the context of history it seems to be even taking it towards a difficult end, there is no real impact on the narrative if you use them. Similarly, there is no long-term impact on the game by allowing you to control rats whenever they are available.

With all honesty, there is actually no real alternative in certain segments to use rats, which means that he will end up using them in one way or another. Just make sure you do not reach your limit of use too fast, since this will make you not be able to use them during the rest of a segment or even freeze, which will force you to load the last control point.

That should give everything you need to know about if you should let Hugo use rats in plague tale requiem . To get more useful tips and guides on the game, look for or see some related contents listed below.

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