LOL – Worlds 2022: Faker returns to the World Cup final five years later

On November 4, 2022 he will go down in history as the day he made five years that Faker did not play a final of the League of Legends World Cup. However, the account will only advance 48 more hours. After winning JD Gaming, T1 became the first Worlds 2022 . Magistrate performance of a Korean team in which all pieces worked perfectly. He showed his best game so far in the El Mid Liner championship, Beria shone and Humayun also did. All that without detracting to a higher half of the map that, yes, this time was not so protagonist.

Faker will play its fifth final in the World Cups of Legends

The confrontation between T1 and JD Gaming began with victory for the Chinese team. The LPL champion was able to defeat a Korean team in the first map of the series who did not find his best version or helped himself with the champions’ selection phase. It was a defeat, in addition, particularly painful. Fighting against their bad decisions, those of Faker were able to close a prodigious fight ending with the Aphelia (Hope) enemy. However, the play lasted too much and gave him time to reappear to achieve a ‘play’ that, having won JD Gaming, would have gone down in history of the World Cups.

From the second confrontation, the drawing of the tie changed. Surprising with the One and Rye , T1 boys were able to disassemble the JD Gaming strategy. To a large extent, it was thanks to a play in which their rivals pledged to a play in the lower lane that did not get results, causing a return based on Faker and Zeus that resulted in double teleport and mystical kingdoms to get a Baron Nash or that, without being definitive in terms of gold, gave Koreans all the tools they needed to close the game thanks to the strategy.

As the series progressed things became easier for T1 , and that was demonstrated both in the third and fourth. In the third of the clashes they managed to get a composition of equipment clearly superior to that of their rivals and execute it to a thousand wonders. The victory was waiting, but not even for a second gave the feeling of danger. In the decisive duel that sealed the confrontation, because there was no resistance. Two good faker plays and Beria impossible definitive with Renata put it on a tray to close in a little less than 25 minutes.

T1 already expects rival for the final that will take place next Sunday, November 6 at 1:00 at the San Francisco Chase Center. There they will have to be measured before gen.g or DRX depending on the result of the second semifinal. In any case, there will be a Korean world champion for the second consecutive occasion and for the seventh time since the World League of Legends championships are played. On the table is the possibility that it is the last dance before saying goodbye to the undoubted best player in history, but especially that of that a new generation of talents puts Faker its fourth crown .

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